THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who followed along and voted on this 25 day challenge. Regardless of whether I make the top 75 or win the grand prize it was so fun to share my quilting inspirations with you.

Today's photo is a very personal piece that I created as a sample for my HEALING STITCHES workshop. This is a half day hand quilting workshop that focusses on words that heal and the act of stitching which calms the mind. I have used stitching and fibre art as a healing process for over 2 decades in my life and it has brought me through difficult times as a firefighter when I've seen things that no one should ever have to see. When I'm quilting I thoroughly enjoy the tactile nature of the fabric and the joy of creating something new. It prevents my mind from slipping into worry and sadness and keeps me relaxed, grounded and better able to sleep. 

I truly appreciate the votes these last 25 days and I'm sending out the biggest virtual hugs ever! THANK YOU lovely quilters!

One last time - PLEASE VOTE HERE 

Healing Stitches Fibre Art Piece
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