Today's photo is of my Holiday Table Topper. I love teaching this class so much! It covers a huge pile of cool little techniques all in a one day class. There is screen printing, half square triangles, how to install a flange, prairie points, stitch in the ditch and facing a quilt. At the end of this class quilters have all these new skills in their toolbox. This is the first little workshop I tried as a webinar and it went so well! The only problem was that I offered it for free so over 120 people signed up but only 10 people actually showed up for the online event, but in the end I got great feedback from those 10 quilters. One of my mentors told me that if I don't value my teaching enough to charge for it then no one else will value it either. I guess I'll just have to try a few more webinars in the future with a small workshop fee to find out if she's right!   

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