Today's photo is my pattern kit Inksations. I should have really called it Frustrations because the logistics of mailing paint to quilters was a nightmare. And even though it sold very well, in the end after all the supplies, printing, packaging and shipping I barely broke even. On the bright side, I've had so much fun with this class. It is meant to be the first little glimpse of a transition from quilting to fibre art. It's a pieced quilt pattern with an eensy, weensy, tiny element of PAINT - ON A QUILT! It's hilarious how some of my students have been horrified by the paint on fabric but they always come around. I particularly remember one student complaining about painting on perfectly good fabric and I asked her "why are you here?" She said her friend forced her to sign up because someone had cancelled and they wanted to keep a full class. As I circled the room helping others and came back to her I heard her complaining again. But as she did she took a nice clean swipe with the squeegee pulling the paint through the screen and then lifted it to look at her design and said, "but I'm pretty good at this!" I said "YES YOU ARE! Let's roll with that!"  

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