Today's photo is a froggie quilt I made for my son many years ago and it was my very first paper pieced block quilt. I'd tried a few simple paper pieced wall hangings with great success, but I was no match for these frogs, the legs were so hard! I struggled for a few weeks and things weren't matching up so I was pulling and stitch ripping and re-doing. Finally I took it to my quilting guild to ask for help. Little did I know that the guild was trying a new challenge called a round robin. The idea was that each quilter picks a block and a colour scheme for their quilt. Then the 16 participants would each make her a block with their own fabric. Each time we met we would bring in one finished block and then start the next block until we'd each made a block for the 15 other quilters. BEST DAY EVER! Instead of making 20 froggie blocks I'd now only have to make the last 4. I still learned to paper piece the last 4 blocks but every one of my friends put a block into that quilt especially for my son. Win win all around. 

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Froggie Quilt
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