Today's art piece is one of the biggest flops I've ever created. Yes! I can't be real with you while only posting all of my best bits. This piece ended up being a whopping 6 feet wide by 4 feet high and every time I worked on it I just felt it was my biggest and best masterpiece yet. I even put it on display at one art show. But as I learned and grew over the years I realized that every technique I tried on that piece was oh so wrong. The edges are crooked, the fusible is burnt, the quilting is choppy and loopy, the fabric is low quality and I should have been paying much better attention to tension! When I look at it now it seems like one of those hypntic swirls that makes your head crazy. What was I thinking? Splat is the biggest flop I've ever made BUT also a wonderful learning experience. We all have to start somewhere and there is no failure - only learning.

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