This t-shirt quilt was the first one I'd ever made. As an apprentice quilt judge I felt I should experience the making of all types of quilts or techniques in order to judge them well and really understand the construction. The opportunity to try a t-shirt quilt resulted from a conversation I was having with a poetry teacher at a 1 week intensive poetry workshop at the Banff Centre for the Arts. I was so thrilled to be accepted into this workshop and the teacher Gerry Hill was brilliant. We were tasked to introduce ourselves by speaking on a topic we were passionate about and you guessed it - I chose QUILTING! By the end of the week Gerry had enlisted me to make a quilt for him from all of his favourite t-shirts from college, no matter what the cost. I decided not to charge him as it was a practice piece and after all was said and done he sent me a copy of several of his poetry books as a thank you. When I first got the books I thought, "How on earth can a poet write all these books about farming and tractors?" After reading them all, savouring every single word, I must say that my eyes were opened to a new world of simple, clear, accessible poetry with every day language that gave me a new appreciation for farming. Thanks Gerry!  

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T-Shirt Quilt
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